Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Joys of Learning

I love learning new things. I am always telling the kids to make it a goal to learn at least one new thing a day. I emphasize how important it is to continue to learn even as an adult. I even try to lead by example! But, I have found something that is making me question the importance of that lesson: Do I really need to know this much about HTML codes and how to format links?!?

Lisa and I first got the idea for a blog when we decided to get serious about creating products for Teachers pay Teachers. (You can find our store here!) With her working a pretty much full time job, and me being the one who was up until two in the morning almost every night, usually on the computer, I volunteered for all the computer work that needed to be done to get us started.

The first steps were easy. I decided to use blogspot and soon was following basic guidelines to get the blog set up. Then I clicked the preview blog button and about died. All those clicks, color choices, font choices, and template choices had evolved into one very dull  "bloggy" looking page. 

I quickly turned to my new best friend, Google, and started my quest to achieve an awesome looking blog. I spent hours, seriously, hours, pouring over tips and tricks and how-tos and reading as many articles on the art of blogging as I could. I learned how to use my own social buttons from Sew Many Ways and Sylvia Liu Land had lots of great tips to get me started!

Although it is not where I want it to be just yet, it is finally on its way. My tip to readers that are wanting to start a blog, or already have one and wanting to improve it, is to have patience and remember, HTML is nothing but copy and paste! :) I now can add things quickly and have a general idea of what I am doing, so there is my thing learned for the day!